What Type Of Fuel Tank Do I Need?

What Type Of Fuel Tank Do I Need?

"Transfer Tank", "Refueling Tank", "Auxiliary Tank" or "Transfer/Auxiliary Tank" all sound like they do the same thing but the differences are very important when purchasing a fuel tank. Bed size and configuration are more important than whether you're driving a Ford, Chevy, Dodge or GMC Truck.

The "Transfer" tank is typically made to move fuel from one vehicle to another or to a piece of equipment. Unless the manufacturer specifically states that it may be used to transfer Flammable Fuels like gasoline or aviation fuel they are to be used only for non-flammable fuels like diesel. They can only be used to transfer fuel from your vehicle to another vehicle or equipment on Private Property. Most CANNOT be connected to your vehicle's fuel system.

An "Auxiliary Tank” can be connected to your vehicles fuel system. Diesel auxiliary kits are the easiest and simplest to install and many manufacturers make simple, inexpensive gravity feed kits for diesel applications. Some Auxiliary tanks can be used as transfer tanks, also. While there are some gasoline auxiliary tanks available installation is much more complicated and they are illegal in some jurisdictions. Local laws and professional installation should be researched before you purchase a gasoline auxiliary tank.

A "Refueling Tank" that is DOT compliant and certified may be used for commerce and on public roadways while transfer tanks are only legal for use on private property. These tanks can be for flammable and non-flammable fuels. Refueling tanks also work well with mobile equipment like gasoline powered generators, pumps etc. Refueling tanks cannot be connected to your existing fuel system and used as an auxiliary tank. Again, local laws should be researched first.

Each tank manufacturer offers unique shapes and configurations. What one doesn't have the other may have. Tanks can be made of aluminum, steel or poly and finished in a natural finish or powder coated. If you need a little more utility most manufacturers have tanks that can be combined with a toolbox.

Carefully measuring your truck bed is critical.  Use our guide "Measuring for A Bed Mounted Transfer or Auxiliary Tank". Bed width, side rail height and distance from front of bed rail to the beginning of the wheel well are critical measurements when choosing a tank. While a tank may be flush or rise a little above your bed rails a typical transfer pump will sit 9"-10" above the tank. Safe and legal installation should be your highest priority with a tank purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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