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$$1,025.95Truck Tool Boxes \ Fuel Transfer TanksAUX30CBR
DOT Approved - Aluminum Rectangular AUX Tank and Toolbox Combination30, 42, 58, and 62 Gallon Choices - Diesel Installation Kit Included
Diesel Truck Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank and Toolbox Combination Features: Includes Fuel Shotz Kit to easily attach to factory fuel system No switches or wires to install Automotive style filler cap Fully baffled to reduce the movement of tank co
Aluminum Tank IndustriesATI-AUX30CBR

Aluminum Tank Industries

DOT Approved - Aluminum Rectangular AUX Tank and Toolbox Combination

30, 42, 58, and 62 Gallon Choices - Diesel Installation Kit Included

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Select The Proper Fuel Shotz Installation Kit For Your Vehicle

Fuel Shotz Kit
Ram 2013-C
Ram 2013-C
All Ford/Dodge Ram Thru 2012/GM 2011-C
GM Models Thru 2010
30 Gallon
30 Gallon
42 Gallon
42 Gallon
58 Gallon
62 Gallon

Item #: ATI-AUX30CBR

Mfg Part #: AUX30CBR

Fuel Shotz Kit: Ram 2013-C

Gallons: 30 Gallon

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Measure Carefully (Measuring Guide) Before Ordering To Avoid Costly Returns - See Dimension Chart Below

Diesel Truck Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank and Toolbox Combination Features: Includes Fuel Shotz Kit to easily attach to factory fuel system No switches or wires to install Automotive style filler cap Fully baffled to reduce the movement of tank ... read more
  • Special Permit issued by the US Department of Transportation
  • Legal for Gas , Diesel, Methanol, Kerosene, Aviation Fuel And Other Liquids
  • Commercial Grade Lockable Vent/Prevent Filler Cap.
  • Fully Baffled To Reduce Movement Of Contents
  • Two-2" Npt Reinforced Bungs For Superior Strength
  • 3/8" npt Drain
  • Hold Down Brackets
  • Pressure And Leak Detection Test
  • For more questions about this product, please Contact Us

Diesel Truck Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank and Toolbox Combination Features:

  • Includes Fuel Shotz Kit to easily attach to factory fuel system
  • No switches or wires to install
  • Automotive style filler cap
  • Fully baffled to reduce the movement of tank contents
  • 2" npt reinforced bung for superior strength
  • Welded hold down brackets
  • The tank is pressure tested for leaks and inspected internally by video.
  • Tanks are clean and free of debris inside the tank
  • 1 year limited warranty

Go Further and Longer - adding one of these diesel auxiliary fuel tanks can gives you from 30 to 62 additional gallons on top of your factory installed tank's capacity. Not to be confused with "Transfer Tanks", these rectangular auxiliary tanks are not designed to be used with external pumps. Please note - The vehicle fitment list on this page is for the installation kit only. It does not ensure the fit of the tank.

No Guesswork - ATI auxiliary tanks increase your driving range and fuel capacity by connecting directly into your factory fuel tank through the factory filler neck. These tanks are designed for use with the included Fuel Shotz diesel install kits. This will keep your factory tank completely full until the auxiliary tank is empty. You will know your auxiliary tank is empty when your factory fuel gauge moves off the full mark. Auxiliary fuel tanks can also be used to supply fuel to the engine of machinery and equipment such as generators. Our auxiliary fuel tanks meet all the necessary DOT requirements.

Hook Up - The FUEL SHOTZ auxiliary fuel tank installation kit that is included is used to connect the auxiliary fuel tank to the factory fuel tank via the factory fill tube. The kit contains everything you need to make the connection from the auxiliary tank with a 3/8" NPT bottom fitting to the factory fill tube. The auxiliary tank keeps the factory tank full. When the auxiliary tank is empty your factory fuel gauge will move off the full mark. These kits are supplied with detailed instructions and take less than an hour to install. There are no wires or switches to install, engineered for rollover protection and only requires attaching the kit supplied 3/8" npt pipe fitting on the bottom of the tank in place of the drain fitting.

But Wait! There's More! - ATI doesn't just build a great tank; the included toolbox is built to the same high standards as their DOT certified tanks. Take a look at these tool box features.

  • Fuel Fittings Separated From Storage Area
  • HD Aluminum Toolbox Construction
  • Lid Opens A Full 90 Degrees For Easy Access
  • Lid Suspended By Automotive Style Gas Springs
  • 3 Layer Rigid Lid Design For Extreme Use
  • Offset Hinged Area To Allow For Lid Clearance
  • All Polished Aluminum DP Body Construction
  • Toolbox Has its Own Floor To Protect the Tank Top From Damage.
  • Polished Industrial Stainless Locking Handles
  • Automotive Style Gas Shocks for the Lid
  • Full Aluminum Piano Hinge
  • Aero-Beveled Lid Design

You Have a Little Work To Do - measuring the area you intend to mount your tank is the only way to correctly choose the right tank for your truck. Use our guide "How to Measure Your Truck Bed for a Transfer or Auxiliary Tank"

If you cannot find a fit for your truck or have any other questions please contact us for help.

What You Need To Know:

Tank and Toolbox Measurements in Inches

Part Number Gallons A B C D E *Bottom Style
AUX30CBR 30 18 48.5 19 42 9      
AUX42CBR 42 18 48.5 19 42 6
AUX42CBR9 42 21 48.5 21 42 9  
AUX58CBR* 58 19 58 21 52 6 Notched 3.5" in and down to 51" 
AUX65CBR* 62 19 60 21 54 6 Slanted in to 54"

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Aluminum Tank Industries
Item #
Mfg Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
129 lbs
Auxiliary Tanks & Transfer Tanks
Additional Info

Aluminum tank Industries, Inc. (ATI) has been granted a special permit form the Department of Transportation that pertains to Aluminum Refueling Tanks. This special permit allows you to refuel equipment, machinery, or your vehicle without removing the fuel tank from your vehicle. The special permit authorizes ATI to manufacture, mark, and sell refueling tanks that can store and dispense gasoline, diesel, methanol, aviation fuel, and kerosene up to 119 US gallons.

You will find that most "transfer tanks" are not designed for refueling but to transport non flammable liquids. ATI's refueling tanks are designed and DOT approved for transport and refueling from while the refueling tank is still in the vehicle. Further benefit from the special permit is that the fuel tank is designed and DOT approved for flammables such as gasoline.

Laws and regulations can be confusing and overwhelming at times. So we'll try to explain it more thoroughly. The Department of Transportation allows companies to build "transfer tanks" to transport diesel and other non flammable liquids. There are design specs they must follow in order to be compliant. The DOT wrote the specifications that need to be followed, but it is up to the manufacturer to be compliant. In other words, the DOT does not usually check their design or type unless there is an accident. So it is legal to fill and transport non flammable liquids using a "transfer tank" but only privately, they're not for use in many circumstances.  Now if there is an accident, the end user and the manufacturer can be investigated for compliance. Refueling tanks under this special permit are different and here s how. First, the design, construction, materials, justification, among other things are reviewed by the DOT and approved if they so determine. The manufacturer is required to demonstrate that the special permit achieves the level of safety required.  Second, it's designed for use with flammables such as gasoline. Third, you can pump from it, legally, whether it s private, commercial, state or otherwise without removing the tank from your vehicle.

50, 80, 100 US gallons is a lot of fuel! The user has a lot of responsibility when carrying that much in a fuel tank. When it comes to quality, legality, and safety, make the right choice. Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc., "Built like a Tank".

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